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About Me

I became interested in Counselling when experiencing my own difficulties and I sought help from a very wise Hypnotherapist. This experience made me think about helping others and I decided to look into Counselling and Hypnotherapy courses. I began training in 2008 where I completed a diploma in Counselling and Hypnotherapy skills. I then went on to complete a further three years of training in Person-Centred Counselling at the Colchester Institute, where I obtained a Higher Education Diploma.  This course is accredited by The University of Essex and the BACP.

Prior to completing my training in June 2013, I started working with Suffolk Mind as a Volunteer Counsellor and saw clients on a more short-term basis (12 weeks). During my training and following on from it, I have seen many clients with a variety of different issues (over 3500 hours of client work). These include low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, bereavement, self-harm, problems with work, abuse, relationship issues, agoraphobia, social anxiety and bipolar disorder.

I have completed several courses in CBT which I offer in conjuntion with Counselling and this has proven to be very beneficial for people who are struggling with anxiety and depression.  It works by addressing a persons negative thought processes and any behavioural issues such as avoidance.  It works by challenging a persons beliefs around certain situations in order for them to confront their fears.  

I am trained as a telephone Counsellor and I also offer this service in private practice for anybody who is unable to attend sessions face to face. 

I have completed a diploma course in couples counselling and now see couples who are experiencing relationship issues and want to work towards finding a resolution.

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